Investigative Agency Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN


Alexander & Associates is an investigative agency you can trust.

Our Team of Professional investigators who have more than four decades of experience offer end-to-end consultation, service and support, no matter how complex your business or legal needs. We are:
  • An established investigative agency
  • Licensed investigators, consultants, and advisors
  • Experienced in deposition, arbitration, and trial testimony
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured.
Our approach is methodical, thorough and professional. For every case, no matter the scope, we use the same time-tested elements and framework. Working to inform you, guide you, and—most importantly—protect you, we always:
  • Maintain discretion and strict confidentiality
  • Obtain information and evidence legally and ethically
  • Use professional-grade equipment
  • Provide well-written, detailed, and timely reports

Our clients include:

  • Corporate executives, human resource departments, legal teams, and managers
  • Law firms
  • Government agencies
  • Private individuals

Call us to discuss how we can help you.