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Computer Forensics




Our digital forensic investigators are certified and have over 14 years of national and international experience collecting, preserving, and analyzing digital information.


In this dynamic, highly complex area, we'll help you:


Identify source of information


  • Computer systems—desktops, laptops, servers, network appliances, and storage devices
  • Mobile devices—cellular telephones, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and GPS units
  • Other systems and storage devices—cloud-based storage and applications, external digital storage media, digital video recorders, gaming systems and much more.


Collect and preserve digital data


  • Proper acquisition and duplication of evidence are essential—which is why we strongly advise you contact us before taking any action yourself.*


Recover and reconstruct data within collected information


  • Removeddeleted and partially overwritten files
  • Securedencrypted or password protected files
  • Hiddenuse of stenography, masked volumes, and data sets


Analyze your data


  • Electronic communicationemail, chat/text/call logs, and multimedia communication applications
  • User filesdocuments, databases, and special or proprietary applications
  • Timeline analysis of eventsinternet history activity, application system logs, metadata, GPS coordinates, and deleted information are just a few examples.


Report findings


  • Provide you with a clear understanding of the information analyzed.


All of these areas require expertise in the proper handling and understanding of digital evidence and the information obtained.


*Please give us a call BEFORE any information is accessed so that we can help guide you through the proper course of action in your situation.



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