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How efficient is your e-discovery process?




Electronically stored information (ESI) must be collected, processed, and reviewed under strict guidelines that require certain knowledge and experience. We excel at ESI management and have over 10 years of national and international e-discovery experience organizing litigation holds, identifying targeted data, and conducting streamlined collections.


With proper preparation, selection of tools, and organized execution, we can advise on or manage, any or all aspects, and provide you with an efficient e-discovery process.


Streamline your electronic discovery process.


  • Early case assessment (ECA)
  • Efficient collection and preservation
    • On-site—discreet and targeted collections that minimize business impact
    • Remote access—save on potentially unneeded travel expenses
    • Cloud-based—storage, hosted systems, and social media
  • Special file conversion and decryption
  • Processing
  • Hosting
  • In-house, or managed review
  • Litigation holds


A total resource for you.


Our experience ranges from simple individual data collections to multi-million dollar cases that require collection from hundreds of systems, multiple data types, and which result in terabytes of data.


Because of our broad experience and knowledge, we are aware of the many challenges and surprises that often need to be overcome. We can help mitigate costs through proper analysis of the scope, filtering the data that needs to be collected, and getting it right the first time.



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