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Are you concerned with unidentified risks or specific threats?




Whether you are a private citizen or a business manager, we can help you identify risk, recognize threatening behavior, and manage an appropriate response.


Some typical volatile situations of concern:


  • Anonymous, known, implied, or direct threats of violence
  • High-risk and dangerous situations
  • Undesired bullying, stalking, harassing, or aggressive, threatening, and retaliatory behavior




We will help you design and implement a proactive course of action to reduce your risk and potential harm from threatening situations.


  • Ensure that proper policies and processes are set in place
  • Assess high risk and security vulnerabilities
  • Understand the right approach to a background check and screening process




Detection methods help to answer the one critical question: Is there a problem? Our multi-faceted approach is:


  • Designed around your needs and concerns
  • Built to identify potential offenders and target areas of concern




As security advisors we can provide resources for critical situations when protection is needed.  We support:


  • Situation and threat management resolution
  • High-risk termination support
  • Executive protection
  • Prevention of and protection from potential workplace violence



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