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What can we do for you?




As a professional full-service agency, we can investigate any situation.


We investigate criminal, legal, business, and personal matters:


  • Theft, fraud, misappropriation, asset location and recovery
  • Profile development of individuals and organizations
  • Employee misconduct, collusion, conflict-of-interest
  • Computer-related and computer-assisted crime
  • Intellectual property violations and counterfeit goods
  • Missing persons
  • Cold-cases and re-investigation of closed-cases


What sets us apart from other agencies is the combination of our superior investigative skills and our specialized expertise in:



Our general services include:


  • Surveillance
  • Public Records Search and Analysis
  • Subject's Background and Current Status
  • Scene Examination and Evidence Recovery
  • Scene and Evidence Photography
  • Witness Locating and Interviewing
  • Asset Locating and Recovery



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