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Video, Image, & Audio Forensics




Collecting, examining, and understanding video, images and audio evidence requires special tools and expertise.  Hidden digital information we can extract me be essential to the outcome of your case.


As with all digital and multimedia evidence (DME), proper collection and preservation is required to ensure information integrity and maintain proper chain of custody.


ClarificationImage and audio enhancement increases clarity and supports identification of objects, subjects and sounds, and allows for scene examination and analysis of other artifacts.


AuthenticationExamining images and audio can help determine authenticity of origin, true representation, or indications of potential tampering.


ComparisonComparative analysis links or differentiates characteristics between objects, people, sounds, and other artifacts.


PresentationImages and audio can be annotated for enhanced presentation in court or a similar venue.
We can repair, convert, examine, and clarify all possible formatseven older ones like cassette tapesto reveal useful information.



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